The Block & E-CRM

The Block and their Electronic- customer relationship management (E-CRM)

The block is such an iconic Aussie reality TV show. It is so popular, as it follows 5 couples renovating houses ready for auction and is on 4 nights a week. Given this, it is essential for them to have their a game on when running their social media pages and getting their fans involved. E-CRM refers to the way a company handles their electronic customer fowling, and how interactive they are. The block has Instagram, as well as a page for every couple, a Facebook account and a twitter, allowing them to be heavily involved in their E-CRM activities.



The Block has a main Instagram account where they post where to buy items seen on the show, and bits and pieces like snapshots from the episodes. They also promote big episodes coming up and winning rooms for design inspiration. They have 150 thousand followers on there, with lots of likes and comments on each photo. I looked through their comments on Instagram and they were not replying directly to questions asked, simply allowing other fans of the show to interact with one another.


twitter bock

Their twitter account is very similar to their Instagram with 145 thousand followers. Their posts are linked, with the same tweets mimicking the Facebook posts. They are very interactive with their twitter following, as during episodes of the popular show, they post up fans tweets in the corner of the episode. I think this is a great E-CRM strategy as it allows those watching to relate to the thoughts of the other fans across Australia and also encourages others to jump on social media and have their say. They also promote a hashtag #9TheBlock which allows fans to find each other fast and get involved with discussions. They promote this hashtag on all three platforms


The block’s Facebook account has a whopping 600,000+ likes and over 500,000 people following along. So it’s clear that this is their biggest platform on social media. They are posting updates and links daily, with very catchy headlines and showing highlights from the show as well as other news headlines regarding what happened on the block. It is also their biggest form of advertising, as they are constantly promoting when the next episode is on and giving hints like “explosive Sunday, tune in”. Much like their twitter however, they aren’t directly replying to fans posts. There is a spot for community posts, and some are angry at the judges or the editing of the show, and expressing this through Facebook, however their E-CRM team isn’t replying. This could also be a strategy as they don’t want their words to be twisted or to be pulled in to any negative stigma, however it is interesting as massive companies such as Arnott’s are spending the time to reply to customers, whereas The Block is far more casual.



–Chaffey, D. and Ellis-Chadwick, F., 2016. Digital marketing. Pearson Higher Ed



Dell’s way to win customers.

As part of Dell’s business strategy, they pride themselves on their tailored online shopping experience for customers. They do this by having a section for students, businesses, a place for people to custom build and great sales. This is great as Dell clearly understands every customer has unique needs and budgets, and this allows them to meet them easier.

Promotional tactics

Firstly, let’s look at their promotion strategies. They pay Google to advertise their products directly to what the customer is looking for. A quick google search of “Dell sale” generates their sale page promising great savings. They advertise heavily on the internet and social media to meet their customers, which is clearly successful for them.

Students aren’t forgotten about

dell student

Their student section on their site design keeps it nice and simple as well as budget friendly. They offer great laptops with top functions for reasonable prices as well as student discounts offered through educational institutions. This in my opinion is a great approach, as students are often on budgets and it is nice when you can get a discount for being at university or school, it shows the companies care and understand your financial situation.

Business savvy design.

idea storm dell

Their business section is another great idea, it showcases all their powerful, fast performing systems that are a little higher in prices. They offer great incentives of businesses and have a user-friendly site. They also pride themselves on taking on customer feedback, especially from businesses to allow them to continuously be listening and meet customer’s needs through their clever little platform ‘Dell IdeaStorm’

For home & For work

dell home work

These are two great headings you will find on their site, allowing you to identify powerful work systems and essential home systems for family. I think this feature of their site is very welcoming and helps you feel at ease right away. It can be daunting for people buying computer systems, so being able to find your needs right away is bound to make the experience a little easier.

Custom built products & custom tailored-services

dell custom

This section of their website is easily hitting their niche market of custom building, allowing customers to get exactly what they want in a laptop or computer and cleverly helping Dell turn over their inventory at a rapid pace. This is a great approach to have, as if you do not have a product the customer needs, instead of them going to another competitor, they can simply design their own.

It is clear to see that by dell using approaches to target various kinds of customers and their unique needs, they can cease great demand of the competitive market and have a greater chance of satisfying consumer needs and continuing to keep that market share. Their promotional strategies are also very impressive, with great sales for those on a budget and those who love a bargain.


–Chaffey, D. and Ellis-Chadwick, F., 2016. Digital marketing. Pearson Higher Ed

Spotify & the marketing mix.

Spotify has easily become one of the most well-known music streaming services around the world today. With it’s easy to use design, and excellent quality free as well as paid music app, it allows users to be expose to new music and genres of their choice as well as the hottest songs in the country at that time. Spotify is different to other music streaming services and can compete with others such as Apple music and Napster due to its competitive take on the marketing mix which I will discuss below.


Spotify itself has been such a successful one through the collaboration with artists, those very popular, and those not so much. Giving even the biggest music fans the opportunity to be exposed to artists of different genres they wouldn’t usually listen to. The ease of use of the app has also been a great asset of Spotify’s, with it coming out on top for most user friendly when directly compared to its competitor Apple music.


Spotify offers a free version, which has ads that help fund the service. As they have such a large audience, companies are happy to pay big bucks to have their ad streamed into the ears of thousands of listeners per day. Premium Spotify won’t break the bank either, with a membership only costing $11.99 per month. With prices like that, it allows users to be able to justify a mere $3 per week for music at their fingertips, without WIFI and chewing up their phone data.


As Spotify is a mobile app, it can go with the user anywhere, anytime. It is a very simple to use app and can be on multiple devices. This allows them to compete with Apple music, which is iPhone’s own music company designed for maximum ease of use on iPhone, giving them a run for their money and tapping into smart phone users.


This is probably the most vital thing that sets Spotify apart from its competitors like Napster and Apple music. It created an exclusivity when it first hit the market allow people to sign up only by invitation only, sparking a huge anticipation for its launch and gaining a lot of publicity. Their collaboration with Facebook where it would show what a user was currently listening to and say, ‘Via Spotify’ below also sparked people’s curiosity. Word of mouth was and still is today one of Spotify’s biggest forms of promotion. They also eventually wanted to expand their target audience by advertising in magazines and print, and on popular television shows. Unlike Apple music whose campaigns were heavy on TV advertising, I feel it was word of mouth and the younger generation that really helped Spotify take off.



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What really makes a good online customer experience?

With online shopping slowly taking over the world, there is no doubt there is going to be numerous factors that come into account when it comes to evaluating what factors contribute to a positive online experience. In this blog, I’m going to explore the elements proposed by Rose and Hair (2011), and compare them to popular clothing company Forever New.

Information processing

It’s important for any e-commerce website to give them customer as much information as they can in order for them to make a confident decision when purchasing. By giving them plenty of information, it saves time for the customer, as they don’t have to email and make an inquiry with further questions and gives them more than enough knowledge of the product to decide whether it is right for them. Forever New does this well in the way that it gives a detailed description of the product. It has the fabric listed, whether it is fitted or loose, care instructions, where it is made etc. Including the models size also allows customers to see how it would fit on their own body.

forever new 1

Perceived ease of use

This can be a tricky one, as someone who isn’t particularly tech-savvy may struggle with using any online store, yet it is still important that all e-commerce sites keep this in mind and that user-friendliness is at the top of their priority list. From first glance, Forever New is very simply set out. There are categories for different clothing items, you can see where your cart is, right away it tells you free shipping over $50 and you can easily narrow down you search to find what you need quickly. I would say that Forever New is an easy to use site due to the minimalist features. It is easy to read, there isn’t a lot going on to overwhelm a user and everything you would want to find is on the front landing page. This is all essential for a happy customer, as online shopping should be fast and stress free, and something people do to relax and have a bit of ‘me time’.


Perceived Usefulness

Much like ease of use, it is a very useful website. You can easily find clothing for work, casual or an occasion. The intricate search features which allow you to search for your size, or colour, even price range make it a very simple and stress free site to shop on. The website is very fast as well, due to their being no videos or anything too flashy and hard to load on any of their pages.

Perceived benefits

Let’s face it, everyone loves a good benefit and customers like to be appreciated by businesses, no matter how big or small they may be. So Forever New was no different here. Although the benefits were not easy to spot on the front landing page, by having a look through it was clear that you could become a member and gain exclusive discounts and rewards, as well as a special student discount in place. I feel its really important to include features like this as people love to know they are getting a good deal, and that they are being rewarded for being a customer. More than likely customers will be happy to shop with a store if they can get a good discount and have a great experience, as well as feeling appreciated and valued.

forever new 3

Perceived control

This all comes down to the customer. The more skilled the customer is with using digital technology, the more in control they will feel and in term, the more successful they will be when using the website. It’s important for online stores to acknowledge the different abilities of customers that are using their site and have adequate help in place if they get stuck. Forever New has a phone number people can ring easily, to speak to someone if they need extra help navigating something.


Skill is very similar to perceived control as it all depends on the customer and their own abilities. However, if someone isn’t very skilled at using an e-commerce site, it helps if the site is very user-friendly and simple to navigate, as this allows them to build up their skill and become more confident when online shopping. Forever New is a very simple site for someone with limited skills to jump on and build up their ability.

Trust and Risk

For me personally, this would definitely be the most important. This element refers to how safe the site is to shop on and what risk is associated with it. We all know the stigma surrounding online shopping and credit card scamming, so i feel it is in the back of most customers minds when they go to put in their credit card details online. As Forever New is a well known brand, that also has shopfronts around Australia, this in my opinion, brings down the risk in peoples minds. In their checkout section, they have all reputable payment options as well as ‘checkout securely’ which further instills confidence.

forever new 4


Enjoyment is all about how happy the customer is after shopping on the site and the likelihood of them returning. The more positive the online shopping experience is, the more likely they are to be a repeat customer and also spread good things through word of mouth. Forever New is an enjoyable site to shop on as the website is easy to use, they have good discounts and rewards, they have free shipping over $50, new stock arriving all the time and fast customer service.


I think overall, Forever New has done well to meet all of the elements Rose and Hair (2011) have proposed, and due to this, it is clear that they understand what it takes for a positive customer experience.



–Chaffey, D. and Ellis-Chadwick, F., 2016. Digital marketing. Pearson Higher Ed

How fashion retailer Showpo is excelling in the 5 I’s of Internet Marketing.



Integration is all about creating platforms such as social media and combining them for customers. Showpo does this by using their popular Instagram account with 1.2 million followers to not only advertise their clothing and outfits, but by putting a direct link on the top of their page that customers can click, which will take them straight to the page with that outfit to buy. Combining many peoples pastimes of scrolling social media, with ease of access straight to their site.




This is all about how well the business uses their target market knowledge and

understands its main customers needs and wants. Showpo is one of the largest clothing stores online for girls aged 15-35. As the online market is very competitive, their prices are within range of their competitors and they have sales frequently to keep consumers happy. Another example of how they used their intelligence is their recent decision to expand their sizes. Once only stocking size 8-14, they now stock size 4-18. Allowing them to cater to a larger part of the market and an example of them listening to their consumer needs, as this was a large request on their Facebook page.

Individualizationshowpo 3

Being able to customize their advertising to  different ages, interests and needs allows them to dominate a larger target market. They not only do this through their larger range of sizes, but also their categories of clothes. As you can see in the image above, they have a work wear corporate range of clothes, intimate apparel, sleep and lounge wear, active wear as well as formal and race wear. This caters to such a  variety of consumers and allows them to only be shown clothing for the appropriate occasion, making online shopping with Showpo fast and hassle free.



Interactivity is all about ensuring the brand doesn’t stop at the online site. With so many platforms of social media it is easier than ever for online stores such as Showpo to be in their customers feeds every day. On their website they have all their social media channels available for customers to follow, even snapchat which gives a behind the scenes look at the company.

Independence of Location showpo5

This is all about reaching people from all over the world and being able to market and supply their product to customers regardless of their location in the world. As you can see, Showpo ships worldwide, allowing them to reach as many customers as possible. As their social media marketing channels are also world wide, it works in their favor.



Images taken from


Chaffey et al., Digital Marketing: Strategy, implementation and practice, 5th edition Pearson Education Limited 2013.


B2C Vs B2B. An analysis of popular business models.

Business models are a very important part of strategy development amongst organizations and come in many different forms. The two I will talk about today are Business-to-consumer (B2C) and Business-to-business (B2B).

The Business-to-consumer model is all about transactions that are commercially undertaken between the business and the consumers. Online businesses are great examples of a very simple B2C model, as the business is virtually at the consumers fingertips and can process a transaction between the two very quickly. A good example of this business model is the online site The Iconic. Which is a fashion retailer in Australia that is purely online, which allows consumers to shop 24/7 with fast delivery and 100 day returns.

The Business-to-business model may seem to be outdated in the online shopping world, as it is a commercial transaction that occurs purely from one organisation to another, however it is just as vital. A notable example of this is Google, and their advertising business they sell to other companies. They are selling their company directly to another for advertising opportunities and giving them a share in their enormous customer base.

As you can see, the two are very different yet equally as important in the business world. It all depends on the goals of the business as to what model they choose to follow and their strategy development plans.



–Chaffey, D. and Ellis-Chadwick, F., 2016. Digital marketing. Pearson Higher Ed